Techknowmoto.com was established by Balogun Owomide in 2018 as an hobby blog and the primary purpose of this blog is to help the non-tech savvy learn how to fix day-to-day tech-related problem no matter how hard or simple it is.

TechKnowM has been there for a while now (check out our foremost domain name here). The blog is focused on a single purpose which is all about “Tech”.

Why should you rely on Techknowmoto.com for tech advice?

We share strictly tech how-to guides on knowing how to go about anything tech!

The fun side is, you get to understand the geeky guide in an unambiguous style, we ensure that our how-to guides and articles are relatable to every Tom, Dick and Harry… If you’re an ardent reader of our blog, you will notice we write articles in a simple stepped guide to help you understand.

Does TechKnow! only share tech tutorials?

This is not true, TechKnowMore is a blog that doesn’t only share tutorials. We also share phone reviews, specification, unboxing, new gadgets, and other tech gist surrounding the world of technology in Nigeria.

All post here is unique and original, no plagiarism of any such.

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The blog’s domain name is pronounced, “Tech Know